Scientific Programme and Workshop Schedule

1. Symposium Topics: 
  i) Orthogeriatrics 
  ii) Vertigo
  iii) Cardio-geriatrics 
  iv) Geriatric Oncology 
  v) Falls 
  vi) Future of Geriatricians in private and public sector 
2. Workshop Topics
  i) ICOPE (Integrated care for older people)
  ii) Dementia Assessment 
  iii) Vascular Dementia
  iv) Art of prescribing and deprescribing in Older adults
3. Orations by: 
  i) IAG Presidential Oration – Dr . Ashish Goel 
 ii) Dr. A B Dey 
 iii) Dr. Jyotirmoy Pal 
4. Talks on new and burning topics 
 i)  Superager – Dr Prasun Chatterjee/Dr. Senthil/Ms. Ritika/Ms. Tejaswini
 ii) Digital literacy & Gerotechnology – Dr. Jino Joy  
 iii) Depression in Elderly- Dr. Surekha V  
 iv) Failing heart or Frailing body: a gero-centric approach for the management of heart failure – Dr. Ambrish Pandey (UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA), 
     Dr. Sumitabh Singh, Dr. Pramod Kumar
 v) Professionalism in Geriatric Medicine – Dr. Shehan Silva, Sri Lanka
 vi) Rapidly Progressive Dementia in elderly – Dr. Steve Manjaly
 vii) Community Geriatrics home care model – Dr Alka Ganesh
5. Poster and oral presentations 

6. Quiz 

  Quiz Topic: Geriatrics & Medicine
   There will be 2 rounds
      i). Preliminary Round – on 28th September ii). Final Round – on 29th September
•Type of Quiz:
1. Postgraduate/Residents Quiz 2. Undergraduate Quiz
  > Participation will be in teams, Pair of 2 participants. 
  > 6 teams will be going for finals 
  > Participation may or may not be from the same Institute
  > Kindly register in order to participate in the Quiz and win exciting prizes!!!
  > On the Spot registration will be available for the Quiz with registration for the conference.
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 Dementia Assessment Workshop

Workshop Fall Assessment

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